Our Mission

We strive to help farmers produce more cattle through an effective use of resources. Our Automated Feeding System provides a simple, cost-effective cattle feeding system that reduces feed loss, improves feeding efficiencies, and requires simple maintenance.

How It Works

Provender Technologies Automated Feeding Systems measure and mixes feed components directly from conventional concrete storage bunkers according to a formulated ration. Your existing concrete bunkers are retrofitted with a specialized hydraulic push floor which dispenses feed from the bunker. As feed is dispensed, it is measured and transported to a stationary mixer via a mobile feed hopper or a horizontal conveyor.

Problems We Are Solving

Inaccurate Feed Recipes

If ingredients are manually added to the mixer with a wheeled loader, the recipe depends heavily upon the operator to add the correct amount of each ingredient.

Improperly Mixed Rations

The different physical properties of the ingredients included in a total mixed ration make it difficult to obtain a uniform mixture, especially using the simple auger design of many mixers.

Inconsistent Feed Delivery

When distributing feed, the operator is responsible for driving the correct speed and distributing the proper amount of feed evenly along the feeding area.

Lack of Data

Formulating a proper ration starts with accurate feed analysis and good record keeping.

Feeding cattle is the single best application for automation on the farm”

— Henry Wegehaupt, Founder and CEO